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Transform your landscape with our expert tree services.

Dupree’s Trees in New Mexico offers a full range of professional tree services, including trimming, pruning, removal, and stump grinding. Our experienced arborists use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the health, safety, and beauty of your trees. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the difference of our exceptional tree care services.

Tree removal

Tree removal

When a tree becomes hazardous or diseased, removal may be the best option. Our team of experts has the experience and equipment necessary to safely remove trees of all sizes and in any location.

Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming

Regular tree trimming and pruning can help promote healthy growth and maintain the aesthetic appeal of your trees. Our professionals use industry-leading techniques to ensure that your trees look their best year-round.

Tree pruning
Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

If you’re tired of unsightly stumps taking up precious space in your yard, Dupree’s Trees can help. Our professional stump grinding and removal services are designed to keep your property safe and looking its best.

Tree Health

Our tree health services address a range of issues, including fertilization, pest and disease control, and pruning. Our experienced arborists use the latest techniques and equipment to keep your trees healthy year-round

tree health

Tree Mitigation

Our tree mitigation services include tree assessments, protection planning, and relocation or removal if necessary. Our team works closely with developers, architects, and other professionals to ensure that trees are properly identified, assessed, and protected during the development process.

Plant Health Care

At Duprees Trees, we understand how important it is to protect the health and beauty of your trees. In New Mexico, one of the biggest threats to your trees is the bark beetle. These tiny pests do massive damage and threaten the health and support of your trees. To protect your landscape, preventative treatment is essential.

truck for plant health care
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Additional Services

In addition to the services listed above, we also offer a range of additional tree care solutions, such as cabling and bracing, emergency tree services, and tree planting.

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Transform your landscape with our expert tree service. From trimming to removal, we’ll take care of your trees so you can enjoy a beautiful, healthy yard without the risk of property damage or dead trees.

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